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Traditional Rugs - History Of Mossoul Rugs

Traditional rugs are a “must have” for any decent online or high street interiors store. Irrespective of what your budget is there will always be a traditional rug for you. There are actually many synthetic rugs for sale cheaper ones regular food shopping, but there are also antique pieces that will set you back than a good vehicle. But generally speaking we are happy to spend a bit of money on our rugs, without having to re-finance our house, provided that the quality is good and they look right in our home.

Traditional rugs are a extremely risk-free choice, they continue being a elegant option regardless of style trends. We usually acquire traditional rugs to enjoy them for a long time. However some styles have proven to be the all time favourites over the years. Mossoul Rugs have without doubt accomplished a excellent track record in the past decade. The historic city of Mossoul (Mosul) was the principal rug buying and selling point for Kurdish rugs. The location changed leaders and went through eras of Turkish, Arabic, Mecedonian leadership, but has constantly retained its carpet and rug making cultures. The phrase Muslin we all recognise also derives from Mossoul.

You may possibly have encountered Hamadan or Mosul - they are just various other names for Mossoul traditional rugs. But a lot of these collections feature related designs, that may possibly remind you of geometrical straight contours of Caucasian rugs. But there is a significant dissimilarity - Mossoul rugs are significantly less harsh in shade. The colour scheme chosen is relaxing, deep and traditional. Quite a few of the patterns are kind of like the Oriental ones, nevertheless they are more minimalist and include much less details.

It is remarkable how a traditional Mossoul designs can have such a contemporary appeal. Their stunning designs make them an excellent choice for modern day decor. But their geometrical motifs do not take away from their exquisite look. They still keep the incredible appeal of all traditional rugs. To see some beautiful examples of such rugs head over to my rug store.

But how do you approach finding a Mossoul rug? Hand woven rugs are normally a wonderful decision, but not many are able to afford that. You may find it problematical obtaining a hand woven Mossoul rug on the net as quality of hand-woven rugs might not be exactly the same. Not every hand crafted carpet is produced utilizing soft wool so touching the actual rug is important when purchasing a hand woven piece. Do not hesitate buying power loomed rugs if you are looking to order on-line. Power loomed rugs not only give you a great value, they undergo extensive quality control, making sure you get the best value for your money.

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